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Here are some examples of the kinds of communications that we create:


We work with our clients to create messaging and positioning briefs that form the foundation for a family of consistent communications, ranging from press releases to technical white papers. Having a messaging brief for your product or initiative helps everyone speak with a consistent voice.

When we create messaging and positioning documents, it's not a cookbook exercise of getting all the stakeholders in a room and going through word-association exercises. It's a deep, collaborative effort where we gather opinions and perspectives and iterate with you to refine the document as ideas evolve.


In today's short-attention-span world, short solution briefs are a popular choice for clear and concise communication to targeted audiences. For example, a typical 4-page solution brief targeted at a technical decision-maker audience offers the business benefits and an at-a-glance summary on the first page. It delves into the technical supporting points and/or architecture on the interior two pages, and it concludes with a call to action for ordering and support, as well as recognition of your value as a provider. Shorter 2-page briefs can better target business decision makers. Or, targeted at a different audience, short 2-page briefs can provide the data sheet information your customers need to make a final purchasing decision.


There's nothing like flipping through a new car brochure. You get a feel for a design philosophy, the range of options and colors, why the car you're reading about is better for you. Technology can be presented in a similarly appealing way, with an inviting visual presentation, a single feature, topic, or concept per page, and proof points that set your technology apart from the competition.


Some of your customers need to know your offering inside and out, and technical white papers are the place where we can tell your story without having to worry about 140-character limits. White papers often tell the tension in the market that creates a need and how your offering fills the gap. We’ll even explain the solution’s design and architecture, and how it works. It’s not uncommon for us to create solution briefs and white papers on the same topic so that customers can choose the depth of information that fits their role and decision-making process.


We have a history of creating best-practices guides that go where user manuals typically don't. Not just which commands to type, but why you might want to implement a best practice in a particular way. We’ll work with your technical experts to extract the reason for and approach to a recommended best practice, and use your products to glean insight and document the process to deliver a consistent and repeatable solution.


Technical posters are where technology, communication, and design are truly inseparable. A good technical poster is attractive from a distance and is something your customers want to put on their walls. They are also an opportunity to show the structure, function, or hierarchical relationships of your products while getting across some of your key messages.


When you reach out to customers, it's often with presentations aimed at either technical or business decision makers. Your story needs to shine through in a clear and convincing way. That’s why we think that simpler is better. We’ll navigate the tradeoffs of storytelling versus animated graphics to help you get the right message to the right audience in the right way.

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